How to select the best baby cot?

Every parent wants the best for their baby. But is it really necessary to spend $500+ on a cot?

So often we all have been told that you get what you pay for. So before you go and shell out over a thousand dollars for your baby’s cot you may wish to consider this. A costly baby cot is not always the best choice, as per recent study.

Make sure you take your proper measurements with you while shopping for a cot. It is very important to give a look at the height of the cot from the base that the mattress sits on to the top of the cot rail – the rail that moves up and down.Some of the most expensive cots in the market have only 25 inches space between the base and top of the rail. When you place a mattress in the cot the height, of course, is reduced even more. Some cot companies sell really thick mattresses and the height between top of the mattress to the top of the rail is as little as 20 inches. This is dangerous because your baby can jump or fall out of these cots.

Another important thing to look for while buying a baby cot is to ensure it has all four sides open. It is very important that the air can spread freely around your baby while they sleep. Some babies push all their bedding to the end of the cot and jam their face up against the cot straps. An open ended cot is best because the air can flow easily through the slats. In a solid ended cot the baby will get hot and sweaty doing this.
When buying a baby cot there are also some recommendations for choosing the mattress:
A safe mattress is one that is:

    • The right size for the cot
    • FIRM
    • New, clean and in good condition.

Never put soft bedding, including sheep skins, under the bottom sheet as this makes the sleeping surface too soft for the baby. A test you should perform to see if the mattress is firm enough is to push your hand down on the mattress. If, when you take off your hand, you can see your hand print then the mattress is too soft for toddler. If you cannot see your hand print then the mattress is possibly to be firm enough and safe for your baby’s sound sleep.

A bark filled mattress, adult pillow top mattress, a pillow, cushion, a water bed, bean bag or sofa are not firm enough for a baby to sleep on. This is why you place your hand on the mattress and push down firmly. Once you remove your hand off the mattress, it returns to its original shape which is firm enough and safe. However, if it doesn’t return back to its original shape then it is not a safe sleeping surface for a baby or toddler

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