High Chair or Booster Seat for babies – which baby feeding chair should you buy?

I get a lot of questions on the best feeding chair for mothers – High chair or Booster seat for baby – which one to buy? Selecting the best baby dining chair if i may call it which is such a difficult task as baby gears are so expensive and you don’t really understand which is the best unless the baby and the mother try it out. To make the choice easier, let’s tackle the differences between a feeding chair vs Booster Chair in this blog post.

High Chair / Feeding Chair for baby

Baby feeding chairs are tall chairs with a back rest and 3 or 5 point harness to secure your baby in an upright position when feeding her. The legs on the chair have a wide base to make the seat more stable. It won’t fall down even if your baby is throwing tantrums and struggling to wriggle out of the chair. It can be used as an extra baby chair at the table and doesn’t need to be fixed to your dining chair as opposed to a booster chair. The dining table will act as the surface where you can place food for the baby and allow her to dine with adults. If you do not want to go for the expensive branded feeding chair for your baby, you can also check out a wooden high chair. There are several wooden high chair for babies available in India.


1. more durable and stable

2. Works as an extra chair. doesn’t use an existing chair.


1. only works at table height. Cannot sit on the floor with baby.

2. Not portable. Weighs more than a booster chair making it harder to move and assemble if you change homes often.

Booster Chair

A booster chair as the name suggests is not a fully functional chair but can be used to boost an already existing adult chair into a baby chair. A booster chair is a multi purpose chair and not just for feeding purpose. Most booster chairs come with different trays that can be hooked up to the main body of the booster chair to give baby a table / flat surface in front of her to either play along with her toys (some booster chairs come with toys hooked up to the tray) or a plate where food can be kept for the baby to self feed or explore. This tray also acts like a catch for food that baby throws away. These trays are removable.

A booster chair contains a three-point harness to secure the baby in it. It also has a separate harness system at the back to secure it to a chair. Most booster chairs come with 3 totally different levels on height adjustment that you can select as per baby’s height to for her to sit at the table to eat with adults.

A booster chair is portable and can fold up for you to carry it to restaurants or outings. Most booster chairs come with a lid on prime of the food tray so you don’t have to clean the messy food tray when you’re out. you can simply wipe it clean with baby wipe and place a lid on it to hold it back with you. The food tray on most booster chairs are dishwasher safe so can be cleaned easily.


1. Portable. easy to move and assemble if you travel or change homes often.

2. totally different surfaces to eat and play which can act like a little table in front of the kid.

3. can sit on the floor with the baby or attach the booster chair to a eating chair.


1. Not very stable. Occupies a dining chair reducing the adult capacity to five.

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